Omni 60 - Omnidirectional camera panoramic video

Omni 60: High FPS Omnidirectional Camera

Omni 60 captures 360° panoramic video at 60Hz, for applications including robotics localization and mapping, telepresence, videography, augmented reality, and surveillance. Available models: monochrome, color.

  • 1.8 MP raw video
  • 60 Hz synchronized capture
  • real-time panorama
  • compatible with OpenCV and ROS
  • C, C++ open-source SDK
  • Windows 7, 8, 10, and Linux 3+
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Resolution1.8 MP (5x 752x480)1.8 MP (5x 752x480)
Max Frame Rate60 FPS60 FPS
Horizontal FOV360°360°
Vertical FOV58°58°
Max Cable Length15 feet (included)15 feet (included)
ColorNo Yes
Sensor5x Aptina MT9V0225x Aptina MT9V022
Trigger InputYesYes
Trigger OutputYesYes
Manual Exposure ControlYesYes
Automatic Exposure ControlYesYes
Manual Gain ControlYesYes
Automatic Gain ControlYesYes
BlendingCPU and GPU implementations (OpenGL)
StitchingPrecalibrated; presets selectable during operation
Lens5x 2.8mm F2.05x 2.8mm F2.0
DC Input (optional)5 VDC input5 VDC input
Power Consumption400mA400mA
GPIO1 input, 1 output, ground
OS SupportWindows 7, 8, 10, Linux 3+
Weight13.3 oz (377 g)13.3 oz (377 g)
Weight (without enclosure)2.8 oz (79.3 g)2.8 oz (79.3 g)

omni3view omnidirectional camera panoramic video


Omni 60: High FPS Omnidirectional Camera + Panoramic Video

Occam Omni 60 is a high frame rate omnidirectional camera that captures raw 360° field of view panoramic video at a blazingly fast 60 Hz.

Applications include streetview, augmented reality, ground platform tracking, quadcopter tracking, and surveillance applications where both visibility and rapid motion are important for use.

Due to the ability of panoramic video to capture a 360-degree field of view compared to normal cameras, improved results for computer vision and robotics mapping can be obtained.  The wider field of view facilitates recovering high-parallax correspondences with less platform and camera motion, improving optical flow, feature selection and matching, and making the Omni 60 omnidirectional camera a better choice of sensor configuration for robotics, automation and computer machine vision applications.

Available models: omni5u3mt9v022m (monochrome), omni5u3mt9v022c (color).





240Hz playback (60Hz capture) of Omni 60C omnidirectional camera’s panoramic video showing ~4m sequence of driving up Canyon heading west out of Boulder. You’ll want to let it buffer a little before playing otherwise the video stutters a bit. Raw videos: h264/mp4, vp8/webmmjpeg/mpg.


240Hz playback (60Hz capture) of Omni 60C showing ~2.5m sequence of driving around downtown Boulder. You’ll want to let it buffer a little before playing otherwise the video stutters a bit. Raw videos: h264/mp4vp8/webmmjpeg/mpg.


60Hz playback (60Hz capture) of Omni 60M (monochrome omnidirectional video) showing downtown Boulder. Raw video: vp8/webm.



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