Omni Stereo

Combining the power of two Omni 60 cameras, the Omni Stereo is a compact, high frame rate, all-in-one omni-directional video and depth sensor. Ideally suited to vehicle and robot localization, obstacle detection, and free-space estimation.

  • 3.6 MP raw video
  • 60 Hz synchronized video capture
  • real-time 360 degree panorama
  • compatible with OpenCV and ROS
  • C, C++ open-source SDK
  • Windows 7, 8, 10, and Linux 3+

Click below to see output video from the Omni Stereo:

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Resolution3.6 MP (10x 752x480)3.6 MP (10x 752x480)
Max Frame Rate60 FPS60 FPS
Horizontal FOV360°360°
Vertical FOV58°58°
Baseline4.72" (12cm)4.72" (12cm)
Max Cable Length15 feet (included)15 feet (included)
ColorNo Yes
Sensor10x Aptina MT9V02210x Aptina MT9V022
Trigger OutputYesYes
Manual Exposure ControlYesYes
Automatic Exposure ControlYesYes
Manual Gain ControlYesYes
Automatic Gain ControlYesYes
BlendingCPU and GPU implementations (OpenGL)
StitchingPrecalibrated; presets selectable during operation
Lens10x 2.8mm F2.010x 2.8mm F2.0
DC Input (optional)5 VDC input5 VDC input
Power Consumption800mA800mA
GPIO1 input, 1 output, ground
OS SupportWindows 7, 8, 10, Linux 3+
Weight39.8 oz (1128 g)39.8 oz (1128 g)

Omni Stereo: High FPS Omnidirectional Stereo

Omni Stereo gives you ten synchronized and calibrated image streams running up to 60 FPS, arranged as five stereo pairs so you get full panoramic video as well as depth.

Applications include 3D reconstruction, obstacle detection, free-space estimation, ground platform tracking, and many others. Omni Stereo improves on Omni 60 by giving you immediate access to depth information in addition to raw panoramic data, making it an excellent choice for a variety of robot and vehicle localization applications.

Stereo matching is performed on the host as part of the Indigo SDK (raw or intermediate stages like rectified images can also be read). SDK version 2.0 includes a CPU/SSE block matching implementation that runs up to 20 FPS on all five sensor pairs simultaneously (on a nice laptop system).

The philosophy of the Indigo SDK is to give the user maximum control. You can read raw image data at 60 FPS (either ten individual images, or 5×2 tiled images), rectified image pairs, disparity/depth images, or point clouds. The camera comes factory calibrated, raw calibration data is available through the SDK, and the camera can be re-calibrated with the included Indigo Tools software.

Available models: omnis5u3mt9v022m (monochrome), omnis5u3mt9v022c (color). Please contact us for pricing.


Omni Stereo – Pearl Street Driveabout from Occam Vision Group on Vimeo.


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